Our vision and values

The vision of Ventrus is to be:

An Educator of Choice:

  • Valued by stakeholders
  • Recognised by external partners
  • Parents’ choice
  • Children’s choice
  • Outstanding outcomes

An Employer of Choice:

  • The right work/life balance
  • Strong leadership pathways
  • Outstanding staff development
  • Strong cultural integrity
  • Enhanced terms and conditions

A Community Organisation:

  • Supporting Schools regionally
  • Intelligently contributing to national agendas
  • Schools are central to the community
  • Developing rounded citizens with a strong character compass
  • Preparing children for a multi-cultural world

Measuring impact

We measure impact and progress towards this vision using Key Performance Indicators in:

  • Academic incremental improvements year on year
  • Pupil progress that is above national expectations
  • The recruitment and development of excellent staff who secure the highest possible standards in teaching and learning
  • Community partnership arrangements which integrate the school into the heart of its community
  • A school held in high regard and respected by its stakeholders

Core Values

Ventrus believes that our values drive our behaviours which in turn create the culture of an organisation.

Our core values are:

  • Hope
  • Energy
  • Authenticity
  • Responsibility
  • Trust

Our culture statement is one that is centred around:

  • Collaboration not competition
  • Innovation not isolation
  • Sustainable success through system leadership